Friday, June 24, 2011

Get better rates than FD - Invest in Shriram NCD at 11.60 Per Annum

Shriram Transport Finance NCD
Issue Highlights : 
  • Issue opens on 27th June.
  • Coupon Rate upto 11.6% Per annum.
  • The issue is rated 'CARE AA+' by CARE and 'AA (Ind)' by Fitch where the ratings indicate high stability, high creditworthiness and timely servicing of debt obligations.
  • The allotments would be on First come First serve basis.
·         Issue Details :
Frequency of payment
Face value of NCD (Rs/NCD)
Rs 1000
Rs 1000
Issue Price (Rs/NCD)
Rs 1000
Rs 1000
Min Application
Rs 10000 (10 NCDs) (for all options NCDs, namely options 1 and 2 either taken individually or collectively)
In Multiples of
Rs 1000 (1 NCD)
Rs 1000 (1 NCD)
Coupon Rate

Individual with application amount upto Rs 5 lacs
11.6% per annum
11.35% per annum
Individual with application amount greater than Rs 5 lacs
11.35% per annum
11.1% per annum
For all other category (QIB and Corporates)
11.1% per annum
11% per annum
60 Months*
36 Months
Put and call option
Exercisable at the end of 48 months from the Deemed Date of allotment
*Subject to the exercise of the put and / or call option
About the Company - Shriram Transport Finance Co Ltd. :
  • The largest Indian asset financing NBFC *, with a primary focus on financing pre-owned commercial vehicles.
  • *The D&B Research Report and the CRISIL Report had named our Company as the largest asset financing NBFC in
    terms of their research based on various financial and nonfinancial parameters.
  • Among the leading financing institutions in the organized sector for the commercial vehicle industry in India for FTUs and SRTOs.
  • Access to a range of cost effective funding sources 
  • Unique business model and a track record of strong financial performance
  • Strong brand name & Extensive experience and expertise in credit appraisal and collection processes.
 How to Invest?

Just Email with your Name & Contact to get the Application form.

Note: Demat account is mandatory for applying

Email: | Phone: 0-991-000-9312 

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