Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tata Power Company Perpetual debentures June 2011

CRISIL rates perpetual debentures of Tata Power AA/PositiveCRISIL has assigned its 'AA/Positive' rating to The Tata Power Company Limited's (Tata Power's) issue of Rs.15 billion unsecured, listed, subordinated, perpetual debentures. Perpetual debentures, a kind of hybrid instrument, combine features of both debt and equity – CRISIL has accorded 50 per cent equity content to this instrument. It implies that CRISIL, in its analysis of Tata Power's capital structure and financial ratios, will treat 50 per cent of the principal amount as equity and the other half as debt. CRISIL has also reaffirmed its ratings on the company's existing debt instruments and bank facilities at 'AA/Positive/P1+'.

Says Mr. Pawan Agrawal, Director, CRISIL Ratings, "The rating of this instrument is based on an expectation that the embedded flexibility to defer distribution payments is unlikely to be used by the issuer." This expectation is based on an analysis of the key features of the instrument, as well as CRISIL's understanding of the management's intent. Therefore, this perpetual instrument is rated at the same level as other traditional long-term bonds issued by Tata Power. "The 50 per cent equity-content treatment to this instrument emanates from the presence of a strong replacement capital covenant and the instrument's deeply subordinated position in issuer's capital structure", adds Mr. Agrawal.

Such perpetual hybrid instruments provide several benefits to issuers. They allow a better balancing of capital structure, enhance financial flexibility, expand the choice of instruments that can be issued to access debt markets, and enable diversification in the investor base. For investors, such instruments offer a relatively higher return to compensate for the highly complex nature, a subordinated position, and a potential uncertainty over timing of maturity and risk of distribution deferral.

Considering the emerging interest in such newer instruments by Indian debt market participants, CRISIL has released its detailed criteria for rating of perpetual securities issued by corporate sector entities. Says Mr. Arun Panicker, Chief Analytical Officer, CRISIL Ratings, "CRISIL has become the first Indian rating agency to publish its comprehensive analytical framework for rating such securities in the public domain. This highlights CRISIL's commitment towards enabling innovation in Indian market, enhancing transparency in the market place by providing participants with an opinion on risks in newer domains, building investor confidence in our risk assessment capabilities, and facilitating development of Indian debt markets." The detailed criteria document is available at our website

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