Saturday, June 6, 2009

Insurance needs at various life stages

Your requirements at different stages in your life may vary; however Insurance forms a critical aspect at every stage.


25-30 years:

This is the most important stage of your life; you have become independent and have started earning. During this phase, long term investments and protection is what you need. This is the crucial time when you can take maximum benefit of the “power of compounding” as well as “lower premiums”.

Ideal plans: ULIPs, Term plans and health covers.

30-35 years:

Life has changed for you now, you have newer dreams, newer opportunities, along with an added responsibility of your spouse and children. It is at this stage that your Insurance needs are the highest. You need additional covers that take care of your spouse’s and child’s health, child’s education, protection for your assets etc.

Ideal plans: Education and savings plans, health cover for your family, home and vehicle insurance etc.

At 40 years:

It’s time for reinstatement of existing covers. Now, you need policies that provide for higher education of your children, safeguards your family against any loan liabilities, helps you save for your child’s marriage.

Ideal plans: Additional covers with higher limits.

45 years and above:

You have worked hard all your life, fulfilled all your responsibilities; now its time for you to think of your life post retirement. You can take up a plan that gives you regular income and helps you lead a secure, independent and comfortable life style in your retirement years.

Ideal plans: Pension plans.

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